• In around 2-4 hours we can clean your oven, range, grill, hob and  extractor to a sparkling finish. (Ranges may take a little  longer)

  • We will thoroughly and efficiently clean your oven, removing all traces of grease, fat, and burnt on carbon deposits, which cause smoke , smells and can result in fire.

  • Our technician begins his task by removing all the removable parts from your oven and immersing them in a special de-carbonating tank to deep clean. 

  • The deep clean includes the area you don't see and find difficult to access including doors, lights, windows, rear panels, seals, removable components. 

  • Tools and degreasers are used to clean the oven to restore its almost new sparkle We use non toxic, eco-friendly and safe cleaners in your home.

  • Our service is completely mess free and we will ensure your kitchen is tidy during and after a clean.

  • Your oven will be ready to use straight away and you will be amazed with the results.

  • We are fully insured and CRB checked.

How do we clean so you have the best results in the fastest time with a Satisfaction guaranted?

Why wait any longer to cook in a clean oven?

Call us now for a fast, friendly, professional oven cleaning service 

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Our tanks:

Are gas heated dip tank which contains only ECO friendly de-greaser solution. 


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MOBILE: 07761 251737

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